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Timeshare Mis-selling

If you have been pressured into buying timeshares as an investment by a company or through buyback or resale schemes, you may be able to claim compensation.

Our team of expert solicitors act for people who have been aggressively mis-sold timeshare schemes, usually while abroad, claim back their losses. If you have been sold one of these schemes we urge you to contact our specialist solicitors for legal advice on a potential compensation claim, and to advise you about ways to escape the management fees agreement.

What is Timeshare?

The term ‘Timeshare’ is commonly misunderstood by the general public for a number of different reasons, however timeshare is a description of a form of holiday ownership. Once acquired by a consumer, you own a right, (either directly or through a club) to use the timeshare for a week or two, (depending on the agreement) in an apartment complex, boat, home, villa or holiday resort in accordance with the contractual period which could be several years. 

Types of Timeshare

The term ‘Timeshare’ has a bad reputation so timeshare sellers and scammers have migrated away from the use of the word to disassociate themselves from the discredited image. Many timeshare companies have started to use other terms to describe what in essence, is a timeshare. Such migrated phrases like “Holiday Club”, “Fractional Ownership”; “Destination Club”; “Vacation Ownership” are common but in essence, all are types of timeshare. 

Can we get you compensation?

Our expert solicitors can advise you on the likelihood of a successful claim. We have the necessary experience to help you claim back your losses, even if the company that sold you your timeshare or fractional ownership scheme are no longer trading.

Some of the schemes we have identified include:

  • Club la Costs
  • Designer Way Vacation Club.
  • Diamond Resorts (previously Grand Vacation Club)
  • Incentive Leisure Group.
  • Marriott Vacation Club
  • Personal Travel Group Limited.
  • Petchey Leisure
  • Shakespeare Classic Lines Limited.
  • Silverpoint Group

Our team of solicitors are specialists at reclaiming the costs involved with timeshare mis-selling and compensation.

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Case checklist 

Are the points below relevant to you? If so, you may have a claim. 

  • Have you bought, traded in or upgraded your timeshare, points or fractional contract since 2000?
  • Did you pay a deposit or pay for finance with the 14 day 'cooling' off period? 
  • Did you use a credit card or get a loan to finance your purchase or upgrade? 
  • Does your timeshare contract run 'in perpetuity' or for more than 50 years? 
  • Do you find yourself committed to paying overly expensive maintenance fees? 

To speak with one of our experts contact us by phone on 0330 400 5800 or submit an online enquiry by using the form to right of this page. 

Other Timeshare related claims

Our solicitors are not only experts in advising clients on mis-sold timeshare schemes, we are also able to advise you on exit routes on legitimate timeshare schemes (timeshare release claims) and maintenance contracts.

Funding your claim

We offer a number of options to fund claims including Conditional Fee Agreements and fixed fees. In claims involving the FSCS we charge a percentage of the sums recovered on your behalf. 

Contact our solicitors

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