Financial Mis-selling Claims

If you have been badly advised by a financial adviser and suffered a financial loss as a result of that advice, you may be able to claim compensation. 

We have a dedicated team of lawyers that specialise in financial mis-selling claims, who act for clients who have lost out because of negligent advise. 

There are many types of claim we can help you with: 

Negligent Investment Advice - Financial advisers often recommend risky or unsuitable investment product(s), which cause the investor to either lose capital, interest or income or sometimes all three. A financial adviser owes the investor a duty of care. He must consider the client’s finances and attitude to risk. A financial adviser cannot guarantee that an investment will succeed but he must not recommend an investment negligently. Our professional negligence solicitors have experience and expertise in dealing with claims against negligent financial advisers for mis-sold investments.

Negligent pension advice -  Pensions are complex products and the products offered by the market can be a minefield, so many people turn to financial advisers for help and guidance (and often pay a hefty fee for this advice). We have a high level of expertise in this complex  area and have helped hundreds of clients with mis-sold pension claims. Contact us today for an initial case assessment with one of our expert lawyers.  

SIPP claims - Clients were encouraged to transfer their existing pension arrangements into SIPPs on the promise of greater returns and more control over their pension funds. In many cases, the clients did not have investment experience and therefore relied entirely upon financial advisers to assist them in making their choices.  If you believe you have been mis-sold a SIPP, contact our experts today. 

RBS GRG Claims - If your company has suffered a financial loss after being transferred by The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to the Global Restructuring Group (GRG), you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Failed property and investment schemes - Thousands of people have been advised by financial advisers to invest their money into property schemes, either in the UK or abroad, which have either gone bust or not been built at all causing many clients to lose all of their investment.  The property owners and the financial adviser firms have often disappeared or ‘gone bust’ which makes bringing a claim against them impossible. If you find yourself in this situation we can bring your claim via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), call us today to speak with one of our expert lawyers.  

Mis-sold Annuity Insurance -  An annuity is an insurance contract that you purchase from an insurance company using your pension fund, after you reach the age of 55.  In return for a lump sum payment (the money you have saved in your pension pot), an annuity provider will give you an annual income for the rest of your life. Where the annuity purchased is unsuitable you may have a claim against the financial adviser that recommended it.  

Mis-sold mortgage claims - It is widely publicised that during the property boom, many mortgage advisers and brokers negligently advised people to purchase mortgages which were unsuitable for their circumstances. As a result, thousands of people were sold inappropriate and unsuitable mortgages, which resulted in many people being unable to afford their repayments and even having their homes repossessed from mortgage lenders.


There are time limits to bring a professional negligence claim. You have 6 years from the act of negligence or 3 years from the date of knowledge to start court proceedings for a claim for professional negligence. The test for ascertaining the date of knowledge is when a reasonable person ought to have realised that there was a risk that negligence had occurred. There is a long stop date of 15 years from the act of negligence after which a claim may not be brought regardless of the date of knowledge. If you do not bring your claim in time, then your claim will usually be lost forever.

Case funding 

We offer a number of options to fund professional negligence claims including Conditional Fee Agreements and fixed fees. In claims involving the FSCS we charge a percentage of the sums recovered on you behalf. 

Contact us 

If you would like to discuss a new matter with one of our expert solicitors, please contact us by phone on 020 7404 6565, by emailing details of your matter to or you can submit an online enquiry using the form at the top of this page and a member of the team will contact you at your convenience. 

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