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Professional Negligence

When a professional gets it wrong, the effects can be devastating. Our professional negligence solicitors will look to repair the damage caused by negligent advice, by claiming compensation to reflect the financial loss you have suffered. 

When you retain a professional, you place your trust and faith in their services. Whenever you enter into a contract with a professional, whether verbal or written, you expect services that are at the very least, of a reasonable standard. If a professional fails to provide competent advice and you suffer a financial loss, you may be able to bring a claim for professional negligence. 

The test to be applied is whether the mistake by the professional is one which no reasonably competent professional should have made in the same circumstances and whether it has caused you any financial loss. We work closely with experts who can often assist with determining whether a professional's mistake was negligent and what losses it has caused.

Our team of experienced solicitors have considerable experience in dealing with claims against a range of professionals, which include: 

  • Solicitors
  • Surveyors
  • Barristers
  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Financial advisors 

Why instruct Seth Lovis & Co to help with your claim? 

Our team of professional negligence solicitors specialise in bringing these types of claims and practise solely in this area of law. In most cases, we will quickly be able to tell you if you have grounds for a claim or not. If we believe you have a good case, we will fight hard to achieve a fair and just settlement on your behalf.  


There are time limits to bring a professional negligence claim. Generally, you have 6 years from the act of negligence/loss or 3 years from the date of knowledge to start court proceedings for a claim for professional negligence. The test for ascertaining the date of knowledge is when a reasonable person ought to have realised that there was a risk that negligence had occurred. There is a long stop date of 15 years from the act of negligence after which a claim may not be brought regardless of the date of knowledge. If you do not bring your claim in time, then your claim will usually be lost forever.

Case funding 

We offer a number of options to fund professional negligence claims including Conditional Fee Agreements and fixed fees. 

Contact us 

If you would like to discuss a new professional negligence matter with one of our expert solicitors, please contact us by phone on 020 7404 6565, by emailing details of your matter to enquiry@sethlovis.co.uk or you can submit an online enquiry using the form at the top of this page and a member of the team will contact you at your convenience. 

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